Mobile accessories – Cases & Covers, Screen Protectors, Power banks, Bluetooth headsets, Wired Headsets, Data Cables, Mobile Chargers, Mobile utility

A Standing case keeps the device standing upright. Folio cases are a combination of a case and stand, and may include a keyboard (USB for OTG smartphones or Bluetooth keyboard).

Tablets,Smart Watches,Headphones and Headsets,Bluetooth Headsets,Wired Headphone,VR, Headsets,Mobile Screen Guards.
Mobile phone accessories include any hardware that is not integral to the operation of a mobile smartphone as designed by the manufacturer.
Skins and design covers can serve for protection and personalization. These are the result of the relatively “naked” designs produce by manufacturers.
such as Apple, where the metal and glass components of the devices will expose and vulnerable to damage
Above all, similarly available in Xshopi

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