This waterproof motorcycle USB charger  is a great USB and cigarette lighter kit for motorcycle. With a DC 12 Volt car cigarette lighter charging socket and two USB outputs, it supports to power GPS, tablets, cell phone and other mobile devices.

Great add-on kit for motorcycle & ATV, With fuse built-in the red wire for safety, Easily installed in any 12V motorcycle, ATV, Boat or car

Connect the red wire to the brass post & connect black wire to the silver one

Uses are GPS charging, cell phone charger, Car MP3 power supply, car vacuum cleaner, car tire inflation power, etc

Useful for long journeys, can charge continuously for mobiles, go pro, camera chargers etc.., its more useful to video blogs who make videos on road trips.

people who travel long journeys through bikes this device will be more useful, its very easy to install and use it.

This USB charger comes with two ports by which two devices will charge at a time, each port has different out out volts, can use according to the device.

it comes with waterproof, so that even it is raining while traveling there will be no damage to the device.

If you are interested in purchasing the best motorcycle USB charger for the money, but you don’t have the necessary time to check which is better, here comes the best device with best price.

This device integrates with your Motorcycle Mount or 1″ Ball Adapter to provide charging to your device while you ride.

Charge your mobile and GPS instantly while you ride. Presenting the latest version of Go on fast USB charger.

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